Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Knitting Answer Book

Book - The Knitting Answer Book - "Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face.  Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask."

Author - Margaret Radcliffe

Publisher - Storey

Pages - 400, including index.

List Price - $14.95

This handy little book works as a manual for knitters.  Whether you are an amateur or experienced knitter, you will find this book very helpful.

There are 13 chapters:

1. Casting on. (Problem solving; Basic Cast on; Special Cast on; etc.)

2. The Basics. (The Knit Stitch; The Purl Stitch; The Slipped Stitch; The Yarn Over; Etc.)

3. Binding Off. (Solving Problems; Standard Bind offs; etc.)

4. Tools.  (Knitting Needles; etc.)

5. Yarn.  (All About Yarn; Working with Yarn; etc.)

6.  Reading Patterns. (Sizing; Gauge; Abbreviations and Charts; etc.)

7.  Pattern Stitches.  (Cables; Lace; Basic Pattern Stitches; etc.)

8.  Circular Knitting.  (Getting Started; Changing Colors; etc.)

9.  Color.  (Stripes; Mosaic; etc.)

10. Shaping. (Increases; Decreases; etc.)

11. Fitting.  (Before; While you work; After; etc.)

12. Finishing.  (Blocking; Sewing up; etc.)

13. Embellishments.  (Beads; Cords; etc.)

The book also includes an index and a section on resources.    There are small illustrations throughout to help us understand the explanations.  The entire book includes questions with the answers designed to teach us.  Overall it is beautifully done and a valuable book. 

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book for review purposes.*

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