Thursday, December 6, 2012

Managing God's Money by Randy Alcorn


Book - Managing God's Money

Author - Randy Alcorn

Publisher - Tyndale

Paperback,  272 pages

List Price - $5.99

There are very few financial books that are so valuable, one wants to buy extra copies to give away.  This is one of those books. Randy does a fantastic job describing the purpose of money, our duties, and the importance of realizing it all belongs to God. 

There are 22 chapters, divided into six sections. The sections are:

1. Money and Possessions: Bible 101

2. Perspectives that Impede Money Management

3. Our Stewardship in Eternity's Light

4.  Giving and Sharing God's Money and Possessions

5.  Wisely Handling God's Money and Possessions

6.  Passing the Baton of Wise Stewardship

I will share a few quotes from the book:

p. 50  -  "If what you treasure most is deposited in the bank and the bank fails, your heart will fail with it."

p. 52  -  "Materialism obscures many of life's greatest blessings.  Ironically, those blessings are often far more appreciated by the poor, whose lives are less cluttered and distracted by  material wealth."

Managing God's Money: A Biblical Guide  has detailed explanations, wise and convicting advice, and will help teach and train the reader how to be successful with their finances.   I would consider this a sort of encyclopedia of financial training. It should be in every Christian home and given to every newly married couple.  If mistakes have been made, this book will educate us to turn it all around and start handling money God's way. This is when the true blessings will come.

*Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes.*

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