Elizabeth Prentiss

Elizabeth Prentiss is the much beloved author of "Stepping Heavenward."  She lived from 1818 to 1878. 
 She was the daughter of a minister. She was the wife of a minister.  She was the mother of 6 children.

She was a prolific writer of stories which encouraged and inspired holy and cheerful living.   Her books include, "Aunt Jane's Hero,"  "The Little Preacher," "The Flower of the Family," "The Home at Greylock," and many more. She also wrote short stories.

Here you will find a collection of some of her shorter works.  I am in the process of gathering them together, organizing them, and publishing them here on the blog.  You will find a link to each story as they are printed here. Keep watching for new editions.

1.  "Playing with Sunbeams"

This is a lovely story for Mothers, from 1879.

. . .More coming soon.

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