Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Road Home by Beverly Lewis

Book:  The Road Home

Author:  Beverly Lewis

Publisher:  Bethany House

316 pages, paperback

I enjoyed reading this wholesome story.  The main character is the oldest of 10 children. Her name is Lena Rose.  She comes from a very close family and a wonderful Amish community.  The sudden death of her parents, early in the book, caused all the children to have to live apart.  Lena is sent to work and live with relatives in a different state.  She struggles with her grief and loss privately, but is an excellent example of serving others and making the best of a difficult situation.

She meets a wonderful young man in the new community and becomes very close to her Amish relatives and new neighbors.  She dearly wants to be reunited with her siblings back home, but has also formed a bond in her new environment.  

There is a subtle lesson of comfort and encouragement coming through the pages with Biblical wisdom that I found to be inspiring.   I very much enjoyed reading about Amish customs and their way of life.  This was a peaceful story and one of my favorites.

*  Disclosure - This book was provided for review purposes. *

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