Monday, May 15, 2017

The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis

Book:  "The Ebb Tide"

Author:  Beverly Lewis

Publisher:  Bethany House

328 pages, paperback.

I wanted to read this book because it had a focus on the beach and a vacation theme.  It is about Sallie who is struggling with finding time to join the Amish church and finally be settled in her family life and community. The problem is that she wants to travel. She craves adventure.  We read about her working in a restaurant which is owned by the "English." She then gets a summer job as a Nanny where she gets to live in a beautiful, wealthy home at the beach.  I enjoyed reading about the vacation type days she had.

There was an Amish young man, back home, who was interested in her. She also met a young man while she was a Nanny.  She could have married either one and had a good life.  However, it was a choice of either remaining Amish or becoming "worldly."  Honestly, I was very upset with her decision, but as the story came to an end, I understood better why it worked out that way, even though I didn't agree with her.

There was something else in the story that I didn't particularly like.  There were details of marine life presented in a sort of scholarly way - as if we, the readers, were taking a class in the subject. I found it boring and didn't care for it.  For me, it took away from the enjoyment of the book. 

*  Disclosure - This book was provided for review purposes. *

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