Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review - Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis

Book - Child of Mine

Authors - David and Beverly Lewis

Publisher - Bethany House

The beautiful cover misled me to think the book was about the Amish.  It is, in fact, about a modern family who happens to have a shunned Amish woman working for them.  The story is about an English (non-Amish) woman, Kelly, who is searching for her daughter. 

We meet two families as we go along. We get to know Kelly (the main character) and follow her difficult life.  We also get to know Jack and his family.  Jack is the one who has an Amish woman working for him.

The book is full of modern sayings, which I consider "slang" talk of the young.   It is not a pleasant escape from our current world, as many Amish - based books tend to be.  

However, it is very well written, and will hold your attention to the very end. 

*Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes.

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