Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review - Debt Proof Living by Mary Hunt

Book - Debt - Proof Living:  How to get out of debt and stay that way

Author - Mary Hunt

Publisher - Revell

Debt - Proof Living was first published in 1999.  This 2014 edition is revised and updated.  It includes the same premise - the same formula for living without debt, but also includes new information based on today's culture.

Mary gives you the tools to understand the thinking of modern consumers to help us realize why people today have accepted debt as normal. This dangerous problem has been slowly fed to us over many years.

Inside this book you will be given a clear formula to get out of debt and then how to "debt - proof" your life. 

There are 18 chapters, some of the titles are:

1. Debt- Proof Living.
2. Two Kinds of Debt.
3. Caught in the Debt Trap.
4. A Plan to Debt - Proof Your Life.
5. Where Does All the Money Go?
6. Step Away from the Edge.
7. Break Out of the Debt Trap.
8. Expect the Unexpected.
. . . .
18. Building Wealth on an Ordinary Income.

Mary does an excellent job teaching readers to get control of their financial lives.  This is her main book and one of the most important.

* Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes.*

Review - Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis

Book - Child of Mine

Authors - David and Beverly Lewis

Publisher - Bethany House

The beautiful cover misled me to think the book was about the Amish.  It is, in fact, about a modern family who happens to have a shunned Amish woman working for them.  The story is about an English (non-Amish) woman, Kelly, who is searching for her daughter. 

We meet two families as we go along. We get to know Kelly (the main character) and follow her difficult life.  We also get to know Jack and his family.  Jack is the one who has an Amish woman working for him.

The book is full of modern sayings, which I consider "slang" talk of the young.   It is not a pleasant escape from our current world, as many Amish - based books tend to be.  

However, it is very well written, and will hold your attention to the very end. 

*Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes.

Bake Well with Immaculate Baking

Immaculate Baking Company introduces 4 products for your kitchens:

1. Yellow Cake Mix - This "Scratch Baking Mix" contains a very small number of basic ingredients.

It is listed as "All Natural" and with "NO Artificial Flavors or Preservatives."

2. A Chocolate Cake Mix - with the same great features as the Yellow cake mix.

3. A "Gluten Free" Double Chocolate Cookie Mix.

4. A Brownie Mix.

Baking instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

These look like a great alternative for traditional made- from- scratch baked treats.

* Disclosure - I received these items for review purposes. *

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