Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Amish Boyfriend

Book - My Amish Boyfriend

Author - Melody Carlson

Publisher - Revell

 272 pages, paperback

This is an entertaining read by talented author Melody Carlson.  Teenager Shannon and her ill mother are sent off to live with Amish relatives.  Shannon had no idea she was related to Amish and goes through  major culture shock.  She stays with her grandparents and gets to experience an authentic Amish life.  Through her experiences, we see a stark contrast between modern living in the "world" and the traditional Amish way of life. 

I was shocked by the Amish teenagers' behavior through their "sowing their oats" phase of life.  This included some use of alcohol. It saddened me. But made me realize that whether Amish or not, people can suffer from destructive behavior.  I loved reading about Shannon's days living among the Amish and how her mother was able to recover from her illness. 

Overall, I think this book would most appeal to teenagers. They would be greatly entertained and would also enjoy the experiences and lessons in the story.

* Disclosure - I received this item for review purposes.*

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