Thursday, December 6, 2012

Debt - Proof Your Christmas by Mary Hunt


Book - Debt - Proof Your Christmas - Celebrating the Holidays without Breaking the Bank

Author - Mary Hunt

Publisher - Revell

Paperback, 240 pages

In this difficult economy, it is wonderful to see a book focused on avoiding financial catastrophe at Christmas time.   Mary Hunt, a well-known Christian financial expert, helps us avoid the traps of consumer spending.  She knows the emotion and desperation of how much we want to buy presents, and lots of them, for our loved ones.    Somehow, she guides us away from this kind of destructive thinking. She makes us look at what overabundance does to our families and to our financial stability.

The book contains 18 chapters, covering topics about our shopping attitude, finding cash, giving gifts that cost little or nothing, traditions, and so much more.

At the end of each chapter, there is a sweet letter from a reader.  These are memories or ideas from their own homes of pleasant Christmas gifts or traditions that don't cost much money.

Some helpful quotes from the book:

p. 31 -   "Debt is the result of reacting impulsively."

p. 40  -  She encourages savings by talking about the old fashioned Christmas club accounts.  "As little as ten dollars a week would result in a check for five hundred dollars."

Debt - Proof Your Christmas is a tremendous tool for planning a peaceful, stress -free Christmas. It is a book you will pull out year after year, to keep you on track.

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