Monday, November 12, 2012

The Christmas Pony by Melody Carlson


Book - The Christmas Pony

Author - Melody Carlson

Publisher - Revell

Hardcover, 170 pages

This is a charming story, set during the difficult time of the 1930's. Money was very hard to come by.  The story is centered around young Lucy.  She lives in a boarding house, which is run by her mother and grandmother.

The family needs boarders to fill the three upstairs rooms. Lucy prays for this, and also prays for a pony one of the neighbors is selling. Her mother cannot afford to buy such a gift, but Lucy still longs for it. There is also some sadness in the house.  Lucy wants to see her Mother smile again.

The boarders that come to the house are great characters and keep things exciting in the small town.  I also love the daily chores, and the description of daily life - preparing meals, and maintaining the house. It was calming and pleasant to read.

Overall this is a sweet Christmas story that would be enjoyed by young girls and their mothers.

*Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes.*

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