Friday, October 5, 2012

Maxed Out - How Debt is Destroying Us

Movie (DVD) - Maxed Out  ("Nothing is Priceless")

Unrated, 87 minutes, 2006

One of the greatest tools I have used to help my children understand the danger of debt and the credit card industry is the movie/ documentary, "Maxed Out." 

For years I have told my grown children to avoid borrowing money for the purpose of consumer debt.  I have explained the lies, the scams, and the emotional games the marketers play to make us think we "deserve" the credit, or that we are being "helped" with a loan. 

I've been in line at department stores with my children and they've watched me turn down offers to apply for a store credit card just so I can "get 20% off today's purchases."  I tell them, it is a technique they use to bait me, and then to destroy me.   It is not worth the supposed "perks."  It is a trap.

When "Maxed Out," came out on DVD, I eagerly watched this with my husband.  We both cried as we watched story after story unfold before our eyes.  We watched the despair and desperation of families and individuals who were destroyed and enslaved by debt.  We also saw politicians speaking, we learned about some well-known important people and who they really worked for.  Statistics, quotes, and eye-opening, chilling information is shared to wake up viewers. 

Most of my older children have watched this movie.  It has alarmed them and shocked them, for their own good.  It has helped ground them, and made their anti-credit stance much stronger.

I recommend this documentary for ages teen to adult.  I would also suggest families watch it once a year, as a reminder and a tool to protect them from the ravages of consumer marketing, which we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

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dora said...

Just ordered the movie Maxed Out.

I live in England, and it will take some time to arrive, but I believe it will be well worth the wait.

God bless.

dora said...

The movie arrived yesterday, watched it today.

I forwarded it to the movie, the trailers were not worth watching.

The stand up comedian used some bad language, it was not needed.

However, the documentary gave quite an account of what banks and other lending agencies are up to.

They want you to be their slave, from now until the grave.

I want to be Christ's slave. Since the only debt we have is the mortgage, once it is paid, we will be debt free.

I like it that way.

God bless.

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