My Reviews

The following list is a work-in-progress.   These are completed reviews I have done in a variety of categories.   As time allows, I will be gathering my finished reviews and posting them here.

 Thank you for your patience while this is under construction.



Farberware Cookware - Cookie Sheet and Pizza Pan (Giveaway)

King Arthur Flour and Cookbook (Giveaway)

Doughnut Pan and King Arthur Flour Baking Mix (Giveaway)

Lehman's Clothesline on a Pulley System (Giveaway)

Flirty Apron - and 53 piece Silverware Set

Spring Apron and Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

Bread Box, Retro - Red Toaster, Citrus Peeler, Farberware Bread Pan, Paring Knife

Scentsy Warmer  (Home Decor)

Toys and Games

Wits and Wagers Family Game

Monopoly: Cars 2 (Giveaway)

Play-Doh Puppies Play Set (Giveaway)

Action Figures

Animal Throw Pillow ("Romeo the Cuddle Bear," with a picture of my daughter.)


TJ Maxx and Marshalls and my Trip to Boston  (Slide show photographs have been temporarily removed. These will be re-added, in another format, as soon as possible.)

Shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls  and a $25 Gift Card (Giveaway)

Pink Misikko Flat Iron (My cosmetologist daughter is still using this product! This post includes photographs of two of my daughters.)

Shabby Apple Dress (Giveaway)

Sense and Sensibility Girls Edwardian Apron Pattern

Other Categories coming soon:


Home Education



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