Monday, May 15, 2017

Sacred Privilege by Kay Warren

Book:  "Sacred Privilege:  Your Life and Ministry as a Pastor's Wife"

Author:  Kay Warren

Publisher: Revell

264 pages, hardcover

I was expecting this book to be a guide to how to be a good wife to a husband in the ministry. I thought it would be like a cheerleader to the readers for doing good work in the home and in the church.  But I could not get past the first chapter.

 The author explains in the preface that she is going to be "raw" and "transparent."  I didn't realize she was going to describe some of the sins and terrible experiences in her own life.  This is not what I thought the book was going to be about. Perhaps others will find help in reading this, but I found it discouraging and depressing.  I was looking for rest and peace and sweet holiness.  There was none of that in the first chapter. I cannot get past that. The title is a bit misleading.

*  Disclosure - This book was provided for review purposes. *

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